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REALLY FREE Voice and Video Calling app - Get Cashback for every call over 2G/3G/4G in India.

SliQ – A complete communications platform from SliQBits, offers Video & Voice Calling along with highly optimized Chat (Messaging). It is the world's newest, and first cross platform voice/video calling app that allows you to communicate on 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks. Not Skype, Not IMO, Not Viber, Not Facetime, Not Hangout, Not any other app. SliQ is the only app that lets you voice/ video call your friends around the world (to more than 120 countries), in higher quality and using less data than other voice/video calling apps. For voice it dramatically reduces data costs due to higher data compression. SliQ also offers a highly optimized easy-to-use chat functionality to send text, photo, video and voice messages.

In India, SliQ has made calling ABSOLUTELY FREE! SliQ users will have Rs. 10 credited to their mobile phone account after their first SliQ call. No other app gives such cashback! SliQ keeps track of the data used when SliQ calls are made over cellular network. When Rs.10 worth of data has been fully consumed over SliQ calls, the user’s account is “recharged” with another INR.10. This continues for as long as a user keeps using SliQ.

Works on WiFi, 3G/4G and even on 2G at bitrates as low as 50kbps! No one can beat our video quality on such a wide range of connections.

Emerging market populations do not have 4G and don’t even have good 3G. Our app works in these difficult network conditions due to our ability to fine tune our patented algorithms to suit these environments. Moreover, our apps are regionalized in most major languages starting with India.

SliQ also offers rich, region-specific infotainment content without any complicated searches.

It's fun and easy. It works in places other voice or video calling solutions fail. Video calls use 50% less data than Facetime and 40% less than Skype. Voice calls require 33% less than Whatsapp and 40% less data than Hike.

SliQ is available on Android /iOS phones and tablets. Download from Google Play and Apple App Store. SliQ-FreeVoice & Video calling for the masses.

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Video Talkie App

Push-to-talk reinvented. Talk and see your contacts in real time instantly with a single tap.

Remember Walkie Talkies?

Staying up late at night telling jokes and secrets to your brother or your friend?

Video Talkie is the same as walkie talkie. Only different. Call anyone on your contact list. (They have to have the Video Talkie app installed. But, hey, it's free!) You talk. They talk. But now with our app by simply tapping on the green button (while you are talking), you can allow your friend to see you live and in high quality and vice versa.

It's fun and easy. It also uses as little as 33% of the data compared to either Skype or Facetime. Your calls are much cheaper because you are sending much less video. So at the end of the month if you are on a limited plan, your costs will be less than even an ordinary cellular call..

You can't use Video Talkie without smiling. We're so sure you'll like it, you can return it at any time and get your money back. (It's free. That was a joke. Get it?)

About Us

SliQBits was founded in 2013 by a team of Bangalore/Silicon Valley talented video technologists. Our team of 25 young technologists has developed video technologies licensed by blue chip companies such as Cisco, TiVo, DirecTV, AT&T, Sony, Comcast, Micromax, Belkin, and Motorola. Seed funding by well known angels in the USA, Europe, India and East Asia. We have now developed 3 apps: Facetime/Skype app for the masses in emerging countries, one way video- 2 way voice that dramatically reduces data charges and a Periscope look alike. In addition we have 10 video engines that can be used to bring Skype like video into voice or chat apps.

Press Kit

SliQBits Offers Unlimited Free Voice And Video Calls Through Its Free SliQ App

SliQBits ( today announced that it is making SliQ, its popular voice and video call service, totally free and unlimited for smartphone users in India. SliQ users will have INR 10 credited to their mobile phone account after their first SliQ call. This covers approximately 42 three-minute voice, or 8 three-minute video calls or a combination. After these calls are completed, the user's account is "reloaded" with another INR 10, for as long as SliQ is in use. Learn More»

SliQBits is offering its voice and video call service free and unlimited for smartphone users in India. SliQ users will have ₹10 credited to their mobile phone account after their first call. This will cover 42 voice calls of three minutes each, or 8 video calls of the same duration or a combination. Learn More»

SliQBits ( today announces SliQ, a voice and video calling app that incorporates the Company's advanced, proprietary adaptive bit rate technologies, enabling quality video calls at bitrates as low as 45kbps, and voice calls at 25kbps. This fills a big hole for billions of smartphone users in emerging markets. The app is specially designed to be simple to use, in local languages, to work on 2/3G networks which will continue to be the dominant standards in emerging market networks through 2020.Learn More»

Former Bharti Airtel CEO and Micromax Informatics Chairman Sanjay Kapoor has turned investor and mentor to start-ups. One such venture, SliQBits, started by a bunch of engineers from Bengaluru and Silicon Valley is readying to take on global majors such as Skype with the launch of free voice and video calling app called SliQ. Learn More»